Welcome to Balinese pottery studio in Ubud!

Do you want to learn ceramic art?

or you’re already an independent potter?

Artha ceramic welcomes you all !


meet the master

I Made Artha started his own pottery studio Artha Ceramic in 2002. His love for clay let him create his own pottery studio step by step, nearby his family house. He’s been mastering his skills for years of work in ceramics- 13 years at Jenggala Keramik Bali and 9 years at Gaya Ceramic & Design. His huge experience made many art school students ask for his guidance. In 2013 Made opened studio’s doors to all who want to learn pottery or use the facilities.

see what’s inside

The studio is equipped with two gas-fired kilns, three potter’s wheels and two large working tables. Space is quiet, peaceful and supports well all creativity. For your use, there’s also a kitchen corner and a resting area so you can always feel at home.

Made will be happy to show you a variety of ceramic techniques, including hand building, wheel throwing, decorating (sculpting, painting), moulding, trimming, glazing and firing.

studio’s offer
classes and open studio

9 am - 12 pm every day

450.000 Rp per person, after confirmation

Individually adjusted Made’s guidance

Price includes up to 3 kg of clay and firing

book your pottery class
and have fun

people love learning from made
see what they say

Made is a wonderful teacher. Really enjoyed my class with him. He is so patient, so encouraging, and so talented! Will be back again and again.

Sophie Li

We had so much fun here – we did both hand building and throwing from 9am to 1pm without a break. I thought we would not have time to finish off thrown pieces, but in Bali the sun dries the clay so quickly! We threw, finished and glazed all in one morning!! The pieces will be fired in two weeks or so, and when it’s ready they will contact us to ship to us.

I loved the cite dogs and relaxed atmosphere. Teacher was great. We will come again!

Emily E


Br. Kengetan, Singakerta, Ubud, Gianyar- Bali

contact us

Email us: arthaceramic@gmail.com

Call/message by WhatsApp (Made): +62 852 3911 9293

Call (Made): +62 819 3636 4904 / +62 813 3828 2440

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